Expeditions & Sports

Services Provided for Expeditions and Sporting Events/Challenges Under Normal or Extreme Environmental Conditions

Expedition Settings: Mountain, Sea, Desert, Jungle, Polar
Sports: All Sports Considered before Collaboration is Agreed
Sporting Specialties: Climbing, Swimming, Running

Specific Areas in Service Provision:

  • Preparation of Private Clients and Teams for Expeditions and Sporting Events/Challenges
  • Individualised Approach
  • Goal Setting, Time Management, Training Implementation
Medical and Scientific Management & Supervision:
  • Scientific Preparation for Sporting Events and Expeditions 
  • Exercise Physiology Testing and Fitness Progress Monitoring
  • Planning of Acclimation and Habituation Before Exposure to Extreme Environment
  • Implementation and Monitoring of Acclimatisation During Exposure to Extreme Environment
  • Pre-existing Medical Condition Management Before Sporting Event and Expedition
  • Pre-existing Medical Condition Monitoring During Sporting Event and Expedition
  • Overall Health Monitoring During Sporting Event and Expedition
  • Medical Support During Sporting Event and Expedition
  • Blood Tests Monitoring During Preparation Phase– Biochemical, Haematological, Hormonal
  • Injury and Rehabilitation Monitoring
  • Sporting Event and Expedition Training Regime Advice
  • Strength Conditioning Advice
  • Nutritional Advice