Extreme Environment Physiologist

Georgios has been involved in research all throughout his academic path. He has undertaken research projects in the laboratory from testing animal and human tissue cells to testing humans themselves. He has organised, managed, led and conducted research projects in exercise human physiology in climatic chambers as well as projects in the field, exploring and testing human physiology and human performance under extreme environmental conditions. Further, he has organised and completed research on the genetic predisposition in ultra-endurance athletes and in individuals attempting to complete challenges and sporting events in extreme environments; in addition, he has also researched and looked into the psychological implications of human performance in extreme environments. For his research, he has collaborated and worked with departments in Biology, Human Exercise Physiology, Psychology, Hygiene and Epidemiology, Genetics and General Surgery. At the present time, in his capacity as a medical doctor and an extreme environment physiologist, he collaborates and conducts research at the FAME laboratory, an extreme environment human physiology research laboratory within the department of Exercise Science, at the University of Thessaly in Greece; he is FAME lab’s Senior Advisor and Expedition Leader.